About Us


Warrior Bean is a non-profit organization founded by a kidney transplant survivor, Anastasia Khalil. During her brief experience with dialysis before her transplant, she recognized the isolation, despair and coldness she experienced throughout kidney failure and dialysis sessions. Coming out of transplant with a new fervor for life, she became passionate about spreading warmth, community and support to others facing the same battle. From this sparked an idea, to provide warm beanies, blankets and other comfort items to kidney patients who may be uplifted with a kidney-strong, warrior message emboldening their battle. At Warrior Bean we believe that rest and emotional well being is essential for chronic disease patients, so we want to do everything within our power to facilitate it.


Our founder


  Anastasia Khalil, Kidney Transplant Warrior


Hi everyone! My name is Anastasia, and I’m so thankful that you’re here.
A little background on me and how I ended up here:
In 2018 I had a common cold, which turned into a not so common reaction. I developed Henoch-Schönlein purpura, a rare autoimmune reaction commonly seen in kids after a viral infection. Usually this resolves on its own, but despite being treated for it, mine progressed and led to IgA nephropathy. At the age of of 20, my life was forever changed as I rapidly started chemotherapy treatments in hopes to save my kidneys from my own immune system attacking them. In the face of a battle of chronic illness, I leaned heavily on my faith, family and friends for strength and support. After 2 years of partial remissions, flare ups, traveling to see specialists, different infusions, and even an experimental drug, ultimately, I entered end-stage renal disease due to too much scarring in my kidneys. I began hemodialysis and was placed on the kidney transplant list to have a second chance at a normal life.

By the grace of God, my amazing mom was miraculously a perfect match, and we underwent transplant together in March of 2021. I am forever indebted to her for the second blessing of life she has given me, and I wish everyone understood just how amazing I felt after surgery with her perfect kidney. 

At 1 year post transplant, I know the battle is not over. Looking back, renal failure and hemodialysis were the most difficult, isolating, and physically and mentally taxing things I have ever endured. However, that trying period in my life led me to feeling driven to provide support to other warriors currently facing that battle, and do whatever I can to bring a smile to their face and peace to their hearts. Chronic illness is a lifelong battle,  but with the right support, encouragement, education, and comfort, I know that burden can be lightened.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being here and thank you for supporting my fellow warriors.


We aim to continue to expand our merchandise to include a plethora of customizable comfort items to keep our friends cozy. Our vision is to also create and lead support groups, host community events to spread awareness, as well as provide educational clinics to CKD patients aimed toward improving their overall health and quality of life. We hope to slowly expand this for patients undertaking a variety of struggles, in a variety of settings, to empower them throughout their own unique journeys. Your generosity and donations will allow us to reach longer and farther, impacting many more people together than we could alone.